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Shetland Unplugged has started an appeal to raise a target of £1,000 to support the appeal for an MRI Scanner in Shetland.

Shetland needs £2,000,000 to provide this equipment for islanders who currently have to travel to mainland Britain at huge cost in time for people in need who cannot afford the time away as well as the cost of transporting patients on an annual basis.

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Showcase Success!

Shetland Unplugged 2019 was a pilot event bringing Shetland's top original new artists together for an event that was live streamed on Saturday 20th April.

Hosted by Shetland Unplugged in Association with Shetland Arts and the University of the HIghlands and Islands, the 2019 showcase has paved the way for exciting developments...

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Support Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal